Claremont College Newsletter

Our New Newsletter Distribution!

We have moved the weekly newsletter online, making it much easier for all of our parents and families to access and enjoy!


So, What's Changed?

We now publish the weekly newsletter in the following formats, to give you a number of options on how you receive it:

OPTION 1: Online at
On our website home page, just click on the Newlsetter tab on the Communication Centre (see below for instructions).

OPTION 2: Through our brand new school app
All parents are notified on their smart phone or tablet the minute that the newsletter is uploaded to the app. When you receive the push notification on your smart phone, just launch the app and download the newsletter. If you don't have the app yet, click here to find out how to get it on your smart phone.

OPTION 3: Via email
We will email a link to the newsletter to all parents whose email is on the school database. If your email address has recently changed, or if you haven't provided it to us yet, please click here to send us an email with your new address.

OPTION 4: Printed copies
We will only be printing a very small number of hard copies, and only for those parents who specifically request it due to a particular need for a hard copy. If you require a hard copy, please click here to email us.


What if I have any questions or am unsure what to do?

No problems, simply call the school office on 9399 3217 or click here to email us.


Instructions for accessing the newsletter (and lots of other stuff!) through our Communications Centre

The Communications Centre sits on our website home page. It takes a direct feed from our brand new school app and inserts the content straight into our website. So anything that's on the app, is on the website! You can use the Communciation Centre to access all dates, events, news, alerts and of course the weekly newsletter.

How to access the newsletter through the Communication Centre:

1. Find the Communication Centre on the Claremont website home page.



2. Click on the Newsletters tab to show the latest newsletters. Then click on the issue you want to view to launch it in the Communication Centre.



3. Or, to access more information such as upcoming events, alerts, forms, term dates, contacts, absentee forms etc, simply click on the More button to launch the Communication Centre.



4. Once the Communication Centre is launched, you'll find all the most up to date information about the school and what's happening!



What if I have any questions or am unsure what to do?

No problems, simply call the school office on 9399 3217 or click here to email us.